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Senior Fellow 


CIFRS is looking for Senior Fellows to work with our research Co-Directors. Senior Fellows will be established scholars and experts at a PhD candidacy level or above, and undertake independent and/or collaborative research projects, writing projects, as well as developing events such as workshops, webinars, and conferences. They will also be expected to provide mentorship to the Junior Fellows where appropriate. This position is currently an unpaid volunteer position with the future possibility of transitioning into a part-time or full-time paid position. 

  • Applicant will be at the PhD candidacy level or above or have extensive and nationally recognized professional expertise

  • Considerable research experience in a relevant subject area within the scope of far-right studies

  • Experience leading a research team or previous teaching experience

  • Experience working on high-profile projects which attract media interest

  • Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication skills

  • A clear commitment and passion for making leading contributions to the research environment and producing high quality research outputs

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