Our Team 

The CIFRS team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of early-career scholars and professionals located across Canada and the United States. 

Mariel Cooksey

Mariel Cooksey (she/her)

Executive Director

Mariel’s research background focuses on Christianity and far-right extremism in the United States and Canada, with an emphasis on anti-Semitic and “Radical traditionalist” Catholic groups. She is currently researching the overlap between Gen Z internet culture, climate collapse and accelerationism.


Garnet Barrett (he/him)

Development A ssistant

Garnet’s research is mainly focused on extremism on digital platforms and extremist threats to Canadian critical infrastructure. He is currently researching far-right extremism on gaming adjacent platforms and community driven approaches for building trust and safety online.


Asher Goldstein (he/him)

Senior Fellow

Asher’s research focuses on the networks of disinformation connecting extractive industries to settler supremacist movements in Canada, and their use of the vehicle of the think tank to provide cover for diverse forms of Canadian extractivism. He is currently researching this made-in-Canada ‘indifference industry’, and its entanglement in the erasure of ongoing displacement at home and abroad.

Cousineau - Closeup-min.jpg

Dr. Luc Cousineau (he/they)

Co-Director of Research

Luc’s research is divided between critiques of masculinity, men’s rights, leisure online and the study of employee surveillance software. His research centers gender and power in work and leisure, with a particular focus on how masculinities are understood and interact with lives online.


Kathleen Mah (she/her)

Junior Fellow 

Kathleen’s research draws attention to and fosters conversations around structural violence. Her focus is on critical public health and anti-masking groups. Her most recent project critically analyzed the Freedom Fighters. 


Dr. Quinnehtukqut McLamore (they/them)


Quinnehtukqut's research is strongly multi-method and wide-spanning: in general, they focus on “common knowledge,” narratives, extremism, and processes related to group identification. More specifically, they use survey research, lab studies, and psychophysiology research to explore different aspects of questions related to these areas. They have a particular interest in anti-trans misinformation and pseudoscientific "common knowledge" about history. 


Dr. Amy Mack (she/her)

Co-Director of Research

Amy’s research focuses on the resurgence of ethno-nationalist and white supremacist movements in Canada, and their use of social media to build communities and circulate their ideologies. She is currently researching their narratives of white male victimhood, belonging, and entitlement. 


Ryan Hopkins (he/him)

Senior Fellow

Ryan’s research engages with social media platforms to analyze how far-right rhetoric spreads via online spaces. He has specific interest on discourses surrounding the themes of masculinity, [anti]immigration, white genocide, and mythology.


Dr. Emilie El Khoury (she/her)

Senior Fellow

Emilie's research focuses on violent extremist groups such as the Islamic State group (Daesh). She studies the consequences of violence on the victims and relatives of members of armed group. She is particularly interested in the links between religion and violence, the different types of radicalization leading to violence, Islamophobia, gender studies, refugees and racism. Her research and ethnographical fieldwork are based primarily in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. 


K. A. Fuller (he/him)

Head of Communications 

Fuller’s research interests include masculinities, sexuality, social movements, post-colonialism, critical theory, and the online environment. He focuses on how gender and sexuality play a part in politics, especially within social (virtual) spaces, as people form a collective identity by accepting Western centrism.

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Nur Helvali (she/her)

Junior Fellow

Nur’s research is focused on preventing violent extremism and countering terrorism mainly in the Middle East. She has previously worked on Jihadist terror groups and forced migration from the region. Currently, she is working on the intersection of far-right extremism and Islamic terrorism.

CIFRS_paulo headshot.jpg

Dr. Paulo Ravecca (he/him)

Senior Fellow

Paulo uses critical political theories to engage with contemporary issues, far-right politics amongst them. He is author of The Politics of Political Science: Re-Writing Latin American Experiences.