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Our research is focused on the resurgence of far-right groups and ideologies in Canada on- and offline. We are concerned with the interconnected flows of ideas between Canadian groups, as well as with other movements in the US and Europe, which promote ideologies of supremacy along racial, ethnic, religious, and gender-based lines.

White Supremacy & Ethnonationalism

Ideologies of racial and ethnic supremacism frequently manifest in Canadian far-right movements. We explore how these discourses regarding power and belonging are shaped by local, global, and historical ideas of supremacy, as well as the push to make far-right rhetoric more 'palatable' to mainstream conservatives. 


Gender & Male Supremacism

Deeply embedded in the systems of power that permit and perpetuate far-right ideologies, gender, and particularly male supremacism are a common lever used to manufacture dominance. We investigate both the overt and covert efforts of men’s rights activists to (re)establish widespread male totalitarianisms and socio-cultural control.


Religion & Extremism

Religion and spiritual theologies are often incorporated into far-right extremist doctrine as a way to justify socio-political beliefs and white supremacist ideologies. Exploring the ways in which religious identities are misappropriated and twisted to support a racial interpretation of religious cosmologies helps us to understand how to combat these dangerous interpretations.


Racism & Violence

Racism must be understood within global, local, and historical systems of oppression. In this research theme, we explore how on- and offline violence in Canada reflects the nation's history and on-going settler colonial framework, as well as the influence of international far-right networks.. 


Prevention & Intervention

In the context of counteracting the radicalization of far-right terrorism, early prevention efforts objectively prevent ongoing harmful behavior and beliefs. We offer assistance on preventing or interfering with the radicalization of far-right extremisms through resources we recommend using, contacting experts, and offering consultations to questions you may have on helping those entering the far-right radical spaces.

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